Happy New Year!!!


Let me start off by saying Happy New Year from my family to yours. Wherever you are in the world, today is the day to start fresh. Today is the day where you start with a clean slate, why not make it all about success and happiness? 

2017 is going to be a successful year to all those who want it. I have plans for big tea publishing to grow even bigger than it is right now. It’ll be an exciting year of growth for us. 

Let me ask you this, were you successful in 2016? If your answer is anything but an immediate yes, then my next question is why not? What is holding you back? Believe it or not a lot of people will automatically find excuses like, “oh, I just don’t have the time”, or “I’m way too busy to think about what I want right now.” 

Here is my response to that. We all get 24 hours in a day, doesn’t matter where you are from, there are still only 24 hours you have to work with every day. If you don’t have the time, then find the time, if you can’t find the time, then make the time. That hour or so you spent watching t.v. could be used to work towards your dreams. 

If you are way too busy to work on your dreams then you need to take a step back. Look at everything around you and cut out the things you don’t really need. If you are too busy then chances are there are too many distractions in your life right now. Eliminate them, and work towards your dreams. 

As for my new year’s resolution, I have a few that I have set for big tea publishing this year. 


  • Publish 24 books this year
  • Have a total of 100 followers on social media
  • Hire 1 more Author for Big Tea Publishing.

As you can see I have my year pretty much planned. Stay tuned on my blog for monthly updates and free giveaways for upcoming books. I may even hold a few contests as well. 

2017, look out because I am determined to use you up to build my success and achieve my goals. I will succeed, I will use my failures as a stepping stone to success, but most importantly, I will crush any obstacle in my way and reach my goals…

So, if you are still with me by the time you’ve gotten this far, and you haven’t already, please like this post and follow my blog for more post like this. It is because of you that I will be successful. So last but not least, for the first time this year. THANK YOU!!!

Also new this year, I am opening up my email to all those who have questions that they want to ask me. Or, if you need help with anything whether it’s your writing or publishing you need help with. I can help you. Take advantage of this being free because if a lot of people come to me for help. I will have to start charging for my time and efforts. Oh, and if you just want to learn how to write a book, you can contact me about that too. I would gladly like to work with you 1 on 1 so that you can publish your first book. My email address below is where you can reach me for anything. 


If you would like to work with Big Tea Publishing, do not hesitate to send us an email. I will explain more about this in detail when you email me about it.

EMAIL: bigteapublishing@gmail.com

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Until next time…


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Happy New Year!!!

Goals Update

The following post is a follow up of my December goals. This will show you where I currently am with my stated goals, and if I will or won’t be able to reach them.

Goal: Publish 3 books

I have to be completely honest because I want to be as transparent as possible to my readers. I have not published a single book this month. I have 2 books that I am currently working on, however, I probably won’t be able to finish them until next month. 

So there you have it, the honest truth about my work, but I am not worried. My books will be finished, just not within the deadline I set for myself

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Goals Update


Daily prompt time again, Today’s word is “Fortune”. Most people will probably think of a large sum of money. When I see the word fortune however, I see all the gifts that I have around me. I see life itself as a fortune. I believe that people should shift their mindset about their fortune. For example, most people will tell you that their dream is take a fortune. While this is a good thing to want, my dream would have been to enjoy all of my fortunes to the fullest despite the monetary gain that can come from it. Fortune is all around us. And it’s up to us to see it. 

We are blessed with many different things that we can consider fortunes. Waking up in the morning is what I believe to be the greatest fortune of all. Because one day, we won’t be waking up in the morning… Think about that as you continue your day today…

If you haven’t already, comment and follow my blog for more daily prompts. I am an author as well, so I will be posting my upcoming books and promotions here as well. Also, I have an ebook out now on amazon, the link will be down below. If you consider purchasing my book, do not hesitate to leave a review at the end. 

Thank you again for taking the time out to read this blog post.

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Daily prompt time again, this time is on Maddening. Two totally different things come to mind when I hear this word. First, I think of someone who is mad and taking that anger out on someone. Second, my game side sees this word as a term for someone who is playing Madden (football game). 

So you see, I clearly have 2 perspectives on this word and I hope that they both entertained you. If you haven’t already, I have a ebook available on Kindle and Amazon. It is currently only selling for 0.99 cents. The link to that book will be down below. Should you decide to purchase my book, please do leave a review. Also, do not hesitate to follow my blog as I will be posting regular updates on upcoming books that I will be releasing.

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So today’s daily prompt is flee. The First thing I think of when I hear this word is the human mind. To flee your mind is to set it free. In order to better understand this, I want you to think about a time when your caught yourself daydreaming. Especially about something you really want. Ever notice how your emotions truly come out because of your sub conscious mind taking over? I’ll let you think about that a little more.

I usually tend to flee my mind through meditation. As a part of my morning ritual, I usually meditate for a few minutes. I allow myself to relax and think about all that I am thankful for, and all that I want. I focus on just one thing every day and make that focus free my emotions. In doing so, my day becomes more fulfilled with joy, and happiness. I emplore you to free you mind and flee away just a little bit every morning. Believe me, you will not be the same person you were when you woke up.


December Goals

Hello again, 

The following are my list of goals for the month of December. I’ve decided to share these goal publicly because I felt that it will help me reach them.

December Goals 

  • Publish 3 books
  • Make 10 dollars online
  • Have 5 followers on my blogs

I will be updating my goals every week to show my progress with my goals. This will in turn help me to achieve them. 

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Until next time…
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December Goals

Author Profile.

Author Name: Jasper K. Harvey
Recent titles: So you want to be successful? Top 5 characteristics of successful people

Employed by : Big Tea Publishing

Story: Jasper K Harvey is our first writer here at big  tea publishing. His first project was called

So You want to be successful? Top 5 Characteristics of successful people.

This book was publshed under the self help category on Kindle. The only format this book is currenlty available in is Kindle. Below is the cover page and link to the book on amazon.com

Amazon Link: So you want to be successful?

Jasper K . Harvey is currently working in his second book called: The Power of Positivity. Stay tuned for more updates on this book as well will be posting free chapters of it here on our blog. 

Until next time…

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