Daily prompt time again, Today’s word is “Fortune”. Most people will probably think of a large sum of money. When I see the word fortune however, I see all the gifts that I have around me. I see life itself as a fortune. I believe that people should shift their mindset about their fortune. For example, most people will tell you that their dream is take a fortune. While this is a good thing to want, my dream would have been to enjoy all of my fortunes to the fullest despite the monetary gain that can come from it. Fortune is all around us. And it’s up to us to see it. 

We are blessed with many different things that we can consider fortunes. Waking up in the morning is what I believe to be the greatest fortune of all. Because one day, we won’t be waking up in the morning… Think about that as you continue your day today…

If you haven’t already, comment and follow my blog for more daily prompts. I am an author as well, so I will be posting my upcoming books and promotions here as well. Also, I have an ebook out now on amazon, the link will be down below. If you consider purchasing my book, do not hesitate to leave a review at the end. 

Thank you again for taking the time out to read this blog post.

Until next time…

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